Ellanar Films comprises a group of imaginative and out-of-the-box storytellers who are passionate about film-making. What makes the production house unique is the ability to weave unforgettable stories. Ellanar’s expertise extends to domains as varied as short films, critically acclaimed OTT content, entertaining social media films, ad films, and corporate reels.

Streamlined and Targeted content creation which takes into account consumer behaviour and changing attention spans. In a world filled with cacophonic content, Ellanar helps you set your brand apart with content that is relevant. The thinking behind our content has always been to help you find a unique parking spot in the minds of your customers.


Radhika Lavu

Radhika Lavu is a filmmaker with over 10years of experience in the field. She heads the production house Ellanar Films, which has a vibrant team of creative and committed professionals.

She studied filmmaking at Goldsmith College, University of London to understand the finer details of filmmaking and has incorporated the same into her work.

Radhika's experience extends to a variety of domains; she has made 50+ documentaries for the State Government of Andhra Pradesh and created advertisements for nationally reputed brands.

She received many accolades for her web series Gods of Dharmapuri (GOD) that went out to become one of the most streamed shows on Zee5. The series is known to have changed the OTT Landscape for regional content and is known to be one of the first tales to experiment witg the crime drama genre.

Radhika's penchant for meaningful content has attracted a lot of media attention. Her insights, expert film-making guidance, and unique views on poignant subjects have been featured by many leading publications and news channels. She was recently recognized with one of the highest corporate honours of India, the 'Business world 40 under 40 Achievement' at the Young Entrepreneur Summit and Awards.

She conducts film-making sessions for children, to foster their curiosity and plans to encourage a love for the beauty and power of cinema with her upcoming Film Appreciation Course.